Community Social Innovation


Our social business involves 10 associations that bring together nearly 3000 families of small agricultural producers, including peasants, indigenous people, women, Afro-descendents, victims of the armed conflict, demobilized persons, among others.

The programs and interventions carried out by Andinorganic revolve around Integral Community Development, whose basic objective is to generate agency capacity in the organizations to transform their territories, as well as to provide them with tools for the creation of value.

These interventions have been built gradually through several iterations in different organizations with different types of actors, such as farmers, women, youth, victims, displaced people, ethnic communities, etc.

The tools used allow for mutual learning, highlighting and dignifying the knowledge of the peasants, their culture and experience as the axis for the construction of new knowledge and experiences.

Programme objectives

  • Strengthen the organizational capacities and the agency of the rural communities through the collaborative construction of growth plans.
  • Promote the appropriation of good agricultural practices to improve the quality of their products.
  • Promote the development of new products that add value to the primary production of the rural communities through the development of innovation processes and the linking of public and private partners
  • To provide a fair commercialization channel that guarantees the economic growth of the organization and the well-being of the producing families.
  • Make the small producer visible as a strategy to give identity to their products, spread their stories and preserve their culture and idiosyncrasy.

Transparent trade

To guarantee the visibility and benefit of the small farmer producer


Andinorganic is the symbol of transparent trade (Collaborative and transparent trade). Transparent trade is an alternative version of traditional fair trade and its objective is to guarantee the visibility and benefit of the small farmer producer, through the use of digital platforms that allow the generation of traceability between the producer and the final consumer. The result is the dignification of the small farmer, the dissemination of their experiences and culture, and the strengthening of peace-building processes in their regions.

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