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Andinorganic is a social business focused on the strengthening and sustainability of communities and associations of small farmers in Latin America. This strengthening is done through the international commercialization of its products, mainly coffee and cocoa, and the investment in social projects of integral development. Our work includes the identification of the community, collaborative diagnosis of problems, design and implementation of projects, strengthening of associations and implementation of interventions to promote economic activities of the community and its territory.


To promote the integral and sustainable development of small farmer communities in Latin America through the development of programs and strategies for the strengthening of farmer organizations that work for the construction of peace in their regions


Andinorganic will be the most internationally recognized social business of farmers for farmers in the next decade, for the development of inclusive strategies that positively impact the growth of farming communities and the preservation of their culture




Our objective is to strengthen the producer-consumer traceability; Andinorganic does not sell coffee and cocoa, Andinorganic is the channel of diffusion of the communities and their processes of construction of peace


The producers are brand partners not a supplier of raw materials, therefore they receive profits from the marketing


The resources collected are directly focused on increasing the producer's income and on the development of projects that address the problems of the communities


The producers we work with meet the standards required by the international market for quality production


Our focus is the small farmer, his culture, his beliefs, his ethnicity, his family, his relationship with the land and his ancestral way of production.


We support the "true processes of peace building", those that are born in the hands and the land of the Colombian peasants, who lived the armed conflict.

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